Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ideas for assignment 2

Since I am frequently using Webex as a participant, it think that it might be interesting for other people to get information on this excellent tool  from the point of view of a meeting organiser.
I am waiting to hear from the former colleagues at the Birmingham City University to see if one of them would be able to take part in an online event during
 between 9th - 22nd November. The event will probably take place during an evening (NZ time) to be able to cater with the time difference with the UK.

I hope this works out, as I have close to no plan B at the moment.
It would be nice to be able to use Webex for the event, but this is not a free tool. I will see if we can get access the Webex from BCU, but since it is supplied by the Cisco Learning Institute, there is no guarantee this would be possible.
The tools I am planning to use are therefore
3.Dim Dim. I was quite impressed with the possibilities of this free tool, even if I could not access to any sound from work. I will experiment with it to see if my modest bandwidth from home (256/128K) would be able to cope with the traffic.
As soon as I can get confirmation of the participants, I will add my event to  the course mini conference web page.

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  1. Hello Herve, how are you getting on with your plans?